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  1. bokunoPICO

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    I don't even know
    The day feels so slow,
    the clock ticks so fast though

    I do so much work
    but my grades aren't even low
    What am i even doing here
    on the foro?

    ...the foro is dead bro
    I can almost feel weeds grow
    theres no one even here
    except me now


    what the fuck

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  2. Psyx

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    pls come to brazil
  3. neverAgain

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    You do work
    But fork
    I do so much and get so little.
    Sometimes I wish I had a skittle.
    So I can taste the rainbow
    On my descent to hell below.

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  4. johnplaya

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    I play Gunbound
    Bored within minutes
    Entertain me
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  5. sikat

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    Musings in life and the bounded gun

    i try to kiss ass,
    everything else comes later.
    let me in your lab
    i need this shit on the paper

    nowhere to go,
    all else is far too high.
    what's left is here
    where stipend is too low.

    i take the formula,
    i take my shot;
    a moment's euphoria.
    slight error, unknowing.
    a change in wind has me going.

    is the formula even right?
    old guys actually have no idea.
    line them up with all my might.
    it hits. almost dead
    now i know what's to be said