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    i'd like to say that, after all this time, i've done a lot of things but ofc that's complete bs. ive done literally nothing of even slight import and i feel no different than i did years ago when gbc restarted in 09.

    i often read up on all of these "great men" and how they get so much (awesome) shit done by the time they reach even young adulthood. i've picked up a weird hobby of reading some history and its not even slightly related to my working field. my main interests lie somewhere in the fall of western rome (say 5th century) up until mid medieval ages, before the schism of christianity in 11th century.

    for some reason, however, i cant help but focus on a small period in the 13th century on the steppes of eurasia, particularly on the life of one guy named temujin. he was a nomad and seemed fairly average as nomads go but as time passed him into adulthood he was suddenly so much more. in a flip of a page he went from just another guy to the owner and ruler of the mongol empire, controlling eastern europe and the middle east all the way to china. regardless of how cruelly he conquered, i can't help but but feel awe at such a large scaled achievement. he didnt have much to begin with, he just stabbed a couple of people and became leader of a fairly small tribe. yet during his lifetime he became the very foundation of an entire empire, becoming an idol and a symbol of an entire peoples even to this day. literally everything centered around him and, of course, when he passed the empire soon followed, almost as if only he was capable of holding it together.

    it would be a great understatement to say that i was humbled when i read through his life. i thought this was just a case of a very lucky and blessed guy but as i read through the ages i find that there a shit ton of these people even in modern times, though perhaps not many on the scale of our friend temujin. still, as i compare what i do to what "they" have done, my life seems so pointless and inconsequential.

    uhh anyway im almost graduating in my 5 year program and i suppose ive done a few projects that i guess im proud of. problems that would have stumped me years ago im able to think through now very easily. i find that im capable of competently tutoring others in highschool work all the way up to 3rd year calculus and mechanics. i suppose it's something to feel good about.

    though it all just seems a small step in comparison to the long strides of the so-called great men. im not depressed or anything im actually quite content but i just wanted to share this discovery i had that completely changed my perspective (and crushed all confidence ive ever had).

    wow that was long, anyway what have you guys been up to lately? i know its dead forum but w/e i had some free time before my final-final exams
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    After I graduated the 5 year course of C.E (Civil Engineer), I immediately took a job in a huge construction company.

    After being employed for 4 years, now I am building my own business, starting at small capital and enough coverage of building contracts that

    I highly think that are fit to my knowledge, capability and experiences.

    Hoping that I can properly manage these and grow in time.