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    The bottom line is I'm looking for member association loyalty, meaning no alternate accounts in any other "real" guilds. Otherwise, if all of us have accounts in each other's guilds, then it just becomes a grey area and we may as well have one gigantic guild like PERU or no guild at all. In terms of OH SHIT!, have you considered passing the key to somebody else?
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    lol.. OH SHIT! ain't no real guild and you know that xD It's where all our old friends go to leave their accounts and make periodic appearances that make everyone say "OH SHIT ITS ____!" If you were to take my Jeszhir battleaxe (real GP, not frozen) it would then become my main in your guild and Jessie would be left to rot in OH SHIT! unless another old member comes on for some shits and giggles. Let's be real, the diamond isn't going anywhere and that guild is dead. The active members all left so I gotta keep it up for nostalgia's sake. Charlie (the only other active) is leaving as well.

    As for the association loyalty, it's plain to see that OH SHIT! will not be guild warring anybody or joining any tournaments so fear not, my friend.

    Meet me in the middle and let's pwn some nubs. Jeszhir will make you proud. Allow him to put your enemies to rest.
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    Haha, well I'll have to get back to you on this. Gotta ask the other active members and see what the consensus is.
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    I doubt anyone else in the guild would disapprove... everyone is way too nice :x
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    should i be more strict . . .
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    You should just be brutally honest :) We don't want anyone secret tension between members, although it might naturally arise.
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    We are pleased to announce the birth of Requiem's official guild forum @ Everyone is welcome! :)
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    epic! lol... nice work
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    Eric you need put Requiem and friends too, good shots can share these shots ¨=D
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    It's truly been a pleasure playing this game for so many years and we've made many great memories and friends along the way!

    The following is a memento of some of the good times we've had while at this server.

    Kudos to the entire staff and player community for keeping the game alive to this day, and may it see many more!

    Thank you everyone for the decade of fun and good times!

    - Requiem Guild
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    I'm so incredibly not in that video that I'm not even a target or in the background LOL
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    Where are the good old days? (=
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    “There is no present or future-only the past, happening over and over again-now.”
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