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    scope: ok im officially going to try the backshot tomorrow!
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    Going to include some other formulas/guides I've worked on and enjoy using when I play.

    To start off, I have a SG (shotgun, full power) hook guide that I made. This might seem silly, but I have quite a large bag of tricks, and this is one of them which I have used to win games. Sometimes you want the fastest shot possible (you're already facing downward and do not want to move for a true angle ruining your delay) or 'no miss' (hard to slip full power) . Within 1 screen, you could probably "feel" out the shot and be accurate enough. At 1 screen, if you don't know the starting angle, then you really are just guessing and there's more of a chance to miss. This simple chart will give you a better idea where to start, and how to adjust for any hook wind. I only include 2 measurements, but you can pretty much predict the path if you consider there are 10 angles between flat elevation and 1/4th up.

    [​IMG] (trick, stretch this image to 800 x 600 resolution and you'll know exactly where on your monitor 1/4th up is :D)

    So yeah, very simple, angle 8 is absolute flat 1 screen elevation from shot origin (center of boomer's angle range circle) and angle 18 is my measurement for +1/4 elevation (I do NOT include the user interface in my measurement). Since I have asked around and people use the user interface in their 1/4th up elevation measurement, your angle is going to be different, but the chart's angle adjustment should still be relatively similar. This chart is for +1/4 elevation, but works well with base angle 8 also.



    hook wind .05 (180 degree)
    wind is 26
    .05 x 26 = 1.3


    18 becomes 19
    8 becomes 9

    that remaining .3 is not too important, but it can be important if the result is .5 or .8, so pay attention to that. If it's .5 or .8 consider that the adjustment is half an angle close to another angle adjustment. feel it out... sometimes I lower .1 or .2 power for .05 to .8 ... otherwise just adjust another angle :)

    have fun! will post more formulas/guides soon.
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    I'm going to beg again. Lower angle hooks would be fantastic. I have recently found the need to want to use boomer again and can't seem to find the ones i had before.. I think they were from Mollz. I should look around the forum more.
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    Mollz has a 20fixed lob & hook here. 20hook powers are basically 35hook for some odd reason so you can use that as a base. GLHF
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    Yea that's what I used, I also used his 35 hook. Thanks for finding that.
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    Here you can find a windchart for straight shots at 40ยบ written by me that works for enemies who are all over the map, you have to take into account that elevation is everything so if you enemy is on a different level ground your power will be a little bit less.
    You can also find tricks to measure basic power for enemies who are over 1 screen for hook and straight shots.
    As well as a basic measurement for hook.
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