Full power / full screen aiming for all mobiles

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    (This game may be dead, but for anyone who still plays, I wanted to raise the baseline level of skill for everyone in general, and help out a noob or two. And enrich the game and help people have more fun maybe. I will probably post one about delay. Feel free to translate into Spanish or other languages.)

    If you want to play for serious, study formulas and wind charts. This guide is for mostly "feel" play. The following table is for shooting 1 full screen in 0 wind, using as close to full power as possible. Full power is 4.00 bars. This is convenient when using drag shot but not great for all situations. This is a starting point for how to hit things accurately and consistently.
    ADUKA       80      3.95
    ARMOR       79      4.00
    ASATE       78      3.90
    BIGFOOT*    75      ?
    BOOMER      81      4.00
    DRAGON*     82      ?
    GRUB**      81      4.00
    ICE         81      4.00
    JD          81      4.00
    KNIGHT      80      4.00
    LIGHTNING   80      3.95
    MAGE        79      3.90
    NAK         76      3.95
    RAON        78      3.95
    TRICO       77      3.95
    TURTLE      79      4.00
    * Not enough data to confirm, but should be close to full power.
    ** Grub Shot 1 angle is bugged, but Shot 2 works normally. To find the correct Shot 1 angle, take the normal angle and rotate 2 degrees clockwise. SS angle = Shot 1 angle.

    Additional tips
    • Using the above guidelines for full screen, 2.80 bars should hit close to 1/2 screen.
    • Adjusting for wind is difficult enough that people have created detailed charts and tables for each specific mobile, so I won't go into detail. I use this rule of thumb for full power shooting: 2 wind = 1 angle. It's closer to: 2-10 wind / 0.5-5 angles, 10-20 wind / 5-12 angles, 20-26 wind, 12-16 angles. Please note, this is for horizontal wind only.
    • Remember to always account for elevation.

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    Lol still the same data I've seen before and still no proof if these are true or not. Why should I believe you? How about u test them out on vid.